Thursday, January 2, 2014

14 days and counting

Melissa and I are now 14 days away from take off, for the biggest adventure of our lives, thus far. Because in 14 days we are off to Europe for a planned 16 month journey; planning to travel as light as possible with one backpack each and only the essentials within. The rough plan of itinerary is to start in Spain and Portugal (mid January-mid March) enjoying Carnavale celebrations on the way, then moving to Ireland and the UK (mid March-mid June), up to Scandinavia for the summer visiting Norway, Sweden, Helsinki and Tallinn Estonia and experiencing the Midnight sun (up until late July), at which point we plan to head to Belgium & Luxembourg, and from there the Netherlands in August, spending September in Germany (hopefully partaking in Octoberfest), from there we will be possibly heading to France to see the countryside, moving from there to either Italy and Greece, then Austria and Switzerland or vice versa depending on what months we actually make it that far South by. If we have time and money at the end we will do some more adventuring, but the basic plan is to do all of this and more and make it home roughly around Spring of 2015.

Over the next couple weeks we have a little more packing of our everyday stuff and getting it stored away. Its been quite a weird experience having to put everything that we have taken years to acquire into boxes and completely reducing our lives to the one bag each. Just a few more boxes to fill and put into our family's garages awaiting our return.

There has been much preparation and research happening over the last 6 months but we, I think, are mostly ready to go. After trying on many pack and countless visits to REI and many other local outdoor retailers, we both decided to carry Osprey packs. Mine is the Aether 60 and Melissa's the Ariel 55, both big enough to carry everything we need inside the pack but small enough to keep it light. Packed full of as light of weight and as little stuff as we can manage. Just have to make a few last decisions on clothing, pack and unpack our bags a few times then we are off. We are looking forward to spending this last amount of with family and friends and prepping for our Big Adventure.

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