Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2-3-14 Day 18 Porto

We tried to get out of the house in time to get to breakfast atone of Fernando's favorite places by 11:00 but the room was just so dark and sleepy that we got there 2 minutes too late so we settled on one of his other favorite places. Cafe D'ouro has been serving university students and the rest of the population since 1909, we shared a croissant sandwich and a coffee and away we went a full day of walking through the city to the crystal palace and beyond the to beach!
First we walked through the beautiful olive tree green roof above the shopping center marveling in the efficiency of space and practicality. 
Along the way we saw our first hot food vending machine complete with all the fixins. 
We reached the botanical gardens surrounding the crystal palace early in the day and luckily with blue skies overhead. 
Hung out with some peacocks, clearly she isn't interested. 
And found a beautiful viewpoint of one of the 5 bridges of Porto. 
Of course the best vantage point was from a small castle turret
And then the days drama began to set in...we remembered that we were supposed to send Katie an address early in the day before she got off work so that she could send my pants and hat that I forgot, but the phone was apparently dead...bummer. Time to find an internet connection and try to get her through a couchsurfing message since we don't have her number anywhere except in our phone. After no reply and some debate we decided to head back to charge the phone instead of journeying onward. Once we got home and put the phone on the charger we realized it wasn't turning on. Seriously what now!? So we left to find an internet connection while the phone charged (hopefully), while I frantically tried to get ahold of Katie, Kevin looked up how to revive our phone. When all was said and done a hard reset fixed the phone and Katie was able to ship me the pants and hat instead of the other option of sending them via Bla Bla Car. Now for a whole new situation, trying to fax in my affidavit for my debit card fraud. We head to the tourist office to see if they can help and they refer us to an Internet cafe where I have to spend almost 4 euros to print and fax my form to Capital One in the U.S. Well at least that is over with now that it is raining a lot and almost dark we decide to head to Libraria Lello, a beautiful bookstore rated third best in the world and also the place that the Harry Potter bookstore is based off of as J.K. Rowling was living here while writing Harry Potter. Complete with a functioning rail cart. 
Exhausted and stressed out about pants. iPhones. Debit cards. We decided to head out with Fernando to try Porto's food specialty, Francesinha! It is toast, stacked with ham, veal, more toast, melted cheese and enchilada-ish sauce over the top served with batatas fritas (French fries) and a beer for 6 euros, we added a green grape red wine for another 1.5 euro and one fantastic meal is served! The dish was awesome kind of like a ridiculous lasagna, and the wine was so much different than I expected, the green grapes give it a tart dry taste, definitely good but different. 
To end my night as we were leaving I checked my email and Capital One had emailed me about my case already, (great I probably filled out the form wrong)...not they were actually letting me know all money has been refunded and I am good to go including all interest fees accrued. It took them all of 3 hours to completely fix everything, I couldn't be more excited and relieved! My pants are on there way, the phone is working anddddddd I know longer am dealing with fraudulent charges all is good in the world for the rest of the night. On that note, Bedtime!

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