Saturday, February 15, 2014

2/10/14 Day 25 Coimbra

We left Aveiro on our way to Coimbra, just a short 1 hour train ride Southwest. Coimbra is home to one of the oldest Universities in the world and in operation since 1290. The campus is spread across 8 schools with a beautiful riverside location by the Mondego. There is a huge botanical garden and aqueduct...oh and the students wear capes. We spent our first day partaking in our typical wander of the city, zigzagging through the beautiful streets of the university city. Their river was extremely flooded and for the entire first and second day we were in Coimbra it rained, and by rain I mean poured- of course we are still working on retrieving my rain pants so that means caf├ęs and internet time. Our first host, Ahmed is a P.E. Major with the intention of becoming a futbol coach, along with his roommates who also study in the same program they also have the first drying machine for clothes we have seen since arrival a month ago! The first night we cooked a curry rice dish with chicken, carrots and bell pepper for all the roommates, with the addition of too much water it became more like a soup, so we added a bit more rice, cooked it in and got a lot of dinner, and lunch the next day. We stayed two nights with them and it rained the entire time! Oh well got to catch up on some sleep and research. 
Beautiful skeleton key for Ahmed's place
More aqueduct action near the university
Flooded Coimbra

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