Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/14/14 Day 29 Back to Porto

Dragging ourselves home in the early hours of the morning we check our phone to find out that Bruno, our host from Aveiro has cancelled the trip to Guimaraes for the it is 8:00 and we have nowhere to stay for the weekend. We quickly get to work sending out last minute requests to hosts in Porto (as our weekend trip up to Guimaraes included a side trip to Porto to pick up my pants). Luckily Tiago, a host we had wanted to stay with in Porto the first time around accepted our request. By this time it was 14:00 and time to get going as we had two hour long trains to catch before we got to Porto. We arrived around 19:00 and began our uphill hour long hike in the rain to Tiago's place for the night. We arrived tired and hungry, and too late to join him and his three friends for dinner as we had not gotten his text asking if we would like to join and if he should grab food for us. This whole no SIM card no wifi thing is really getting old, only a few more weeks until Spain and a SIM card again! So Kevin and I went to a near by recommended sandwich place and ordered ourself a big Atlantiko stuffed full of peppers, chicken, ground beef, carrots, sausage cheese and egg along with French fries and a huge chalice of sangria to celebrate our valentines day meal. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my valentines day this year. To our amazement after the meal our waiter brought us a little package with a laser cut heart cut into two puzzle pieces that said you on one half and me on the other. Adorable! I would never have thought they even cared about our typical Hallmark holiday, but apparently our consumerism disease has spread over here too. After dinner we met back up with Tiago and some of his friends for drinks, the streets were far more crowded than they had been last weekend as exams are over and it is a Friday night. Tiago showed us some amazing spots that we never would have found in the big city by ourselves, he really knows and loves Porto, and it is easy to see why, definitely my favorite city so far. Unfortunately Porto can't overcome Portugal's questionable taste in music. We went into bar after bar with bad 80's music playing too loudly and after a few hours Tiago was ready to call it quits, us too. We chatted a bit before bed about careers and travel as Tiago is a graphic designer and has traveled extensively in Europe, but it wasn't too long before we were overdue for some sleep.

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