Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/15/14 Day 30 Porto to Lisbon

A relaxed slow morning we got our things packed and got ready, our hosts in Lisbon were accepting us two days early due to our failed Guimaraes weekend, so it is from Porto to Lisbon we go! After looking up the distance to the bus station we should be able to make it there in an hour. But unfortunately for us we did not take into account the entirely uphill scenario we had gotten ourselves into. We did not make it to the bus on time, a difference of ten minutes would have led to a success, but instead we were stuck waiting for another bus hours later. We spent a few hours having our last stroll through Porto before hunkering down at a cafe to wait for the 16:00 start of the sale of Tomorrowland tickets for a camping festival in Belgium in July. At 16:00 on the dot we both logged in and after a forty minute virtual line Kevin got through and we purchased tickets for later this summer.
 Stoked on successfully getting those we got on the next bus and relaxed the next four hour bus ride all the way to Lisbon. We arrived late, and had to take a metro to get to a ferry to get picked up by Luciano, who had patiently waited for us for hours, we felt terrible! We enjoyed a bottle of wine with Donna and Luciano before heading off to bed weary from our travels. 

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