Monday, February 24, 2014

2/19/14 Day 34 Lisbon

Spoiled in Portuguese food with Donna and Luch, this morning we got to try a third bacalhau dish, bacalhau bras; stir fried bacalhau, crispy potato strings, potato, carrot, jacobi squash, egg sautéed onions and garlic. An amazing breakfast to start out our day. Today we are making it off of the Costa Caparica beach and heading over to Belém on the Lisbon side of the Tejo river. Just a short walk to the Trafaria ferry a short ride and transfer to the Port Brandão ferry and across the river. Unfortunately we took too long enjoying our beach walk and arrived at the station at 13:23, sixteen minutes after the last ferry before the two hour break in the day left. (We have got to start paying closer attention to schedules). Well that ferry connects to another ferry and then goes across the river with two hours to kill we might as well walk to the next ferry to kill some time. It seemed like a short walk on the map, but it ended up taking the entirety of the two hours walking uphill almost the entire time but we just so happened to be rushing down the docks minutes before the ferry left Brandão. Finally made it on time to something, the worst irony- the ferry went back to Trafaria before heading across the Tejo to Lisbon. Fortunately the walk had beautiful scenery so it was not a total mistake. 

Love the reuse of plastic water bottles for a bouy here, while this may have been more cost effective priority than sustainability Portugal has some amazing green energy going for it. 
The view down and over to Lisbon
Many of the parks here have a variety of different exercise machines and instructions on how to use them. Pretty cool. 
Finally we arrive at Belém, the day is sunny and beautiful as we wander along the shore admiring all of the touristy monuments and views. Also, marveling at the hand laid sidewalks, so much work. 
The Explorer statue
The Ponte 25 de Abril is the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge twin, right down to the same color. And yes indeed that is a huge cross on the other side of the Tejo River, Christ the King, standing at 79 meters or 260 feet tall.  Built as a sign of gratitude for being spared in World War II. 
And the Tower de Belém, just crawling with tourists and a well trained chihuahua accepting donations of course. 
This is a soldier memorial
We walked through the monastery of Jeronimo with its souring architecture and beautiful stained glass.
Of course we tried the best pastel de nata in all of Portugal at Pasteis de Belém where they serve them warm with cinnamon and sugar.
Passed some amazing graffiti, not only painted but actually sculpted into the walls. 
Tired from our all day excursion we sat down to a traditional Portuguese dinner with a sliced thin steak, fried egg, French fries and rice. The bread and olives at the table that we thought were complementary actually costed 2.50 euros...oops,next time we will know. The steak was great and we finished just in time to get to the nearby couchsurfer meeting to catch up with Donna and Luch. After mingling with people from all over the world we were too tired to continue-we walked 22 kilometers today! Time to head back to Costa Caparica. 

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