Friday, February 28, 2014

2/24/14 Day 39 Lisbon Benfica Game

Francisco and Mariana have a surprise for us! They got us tickets to the Monday Benfica. For this we stayed an extra day in Lisbon and spent the entirety of it focused on Lisbon's team, Benfica! First a tour of the stadium empty.
This statue is of Eus├ębio, the most influential historical player of the teams and maybe of all time. He passed away on January 5, and at this statue of him the very next day, the scarfs began to appear. Eventually they encased all of it, a time capsule of the love for this idol. 
A small model of the 2003 stadium. 
The real stadium seats. 
Here is the locker room of the opposing team, as the Benfica locker room is sacred. 
The media room
The team eagles, who at the beginning of the match fly around the stadium and eventually land on their designated post. 
The Bifana sandwiches we enjoyed pre game. 
Here we are with Francisco and Mariana and a much more full stadium. 
Kevin showing his pride with the scarf Francisco and Mariana gave him, so sweet of them and now we have our Benfica pride anywhere we go. 
Pre game eagle performance
The match is against Guimaraes in the North of Portugal
It wouldn't be a sport match without a giant inflatable beer can, the interesting thing is that Sagres beer is one of the biggest sponsers, although only non alcoholic beers are sold inside the stadium. 
Success, Benfica won the match 1-0!

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