Thursday, February 6, 2014

2/6/14 Day 21 Porto

All morning long the winds howled and the rain pounded on the windows beckoning us to sleep in, we finally get ourselves motivated and moving after having lunch with Gustavo and a few of his flatmates. First stop grocery store. To our amazement a question we came up with in Madrid is answered: we seen an ad on a bus go by one day that had these colored rolls in a beautiful pattern with the brand Renova above it, I assumed it was a paint company Kevin guessed grip tape, both way off. Colored toilet paper, never would have guessed that one.
The first street corner paid restroom we have seen, only .20 euros.
The most degrading thing I have seen as far as advertisements is definitely this ad which is plastered everywhere in Porto :( we have had multiple conversations with our hosts and new friends about what they perceive us as and across the board they point blank tell us they expected us to be fatter (laugh...or cry? out loud) and they are shocked when Kevin and I reveal that we do NOT in fact eat at McDonalds. It is no wonder they think we are obese, we literally have signs linking us to it everywhere Europeans look!! Really some eye opening conversations to have for both us and them I think. 
Vodafone is one of the two leading cell phone carriers here, by the way the next time you are upset about how expensive iPhones are here keep in mind they pay 599 for a iPhone 5 (not even 5s) with a 2 year contract and we only pay 99$ or 199$ for the 5s for us, you don't see many iPhones here that is for sure. 
This is the Casa Da Musica a beautiful concert hall and venue. 
Finally heading to the beach, windy stormy rainy day no problem, Gore Tex! 

Here is Kevin making up our salami and cheese sandwiches with our 1 euro 1 liter box of wine.
We walked along the boardwalk for miles and miles with the waves crashing and skies grey as ash, a beautiful stormy day for us to enjoy. 
Seafront castle residence
It has been so long since I have seen waves his big, the Atlantic has been so violent this last week

As the daylight was finally fading we go to the far end of the beach and the lighthouse!
The whole day the weather has held out, grey and daunting but dry. Suddenly it starts to sprinkle, then rain, suddenly we are caught in a downpour, we head for cover and find a gazebo to hide out under, a mere 5 minutes later and it has stopped as if it never even happened, except now we are soaked. Twice more during the walk home this happened, but we were smart enough to see the pattern coming on and head for cover. So we walked to the beach, along the boardwalk and back home for a grand total of 8.6 miles

We saw lots of historical and functioning fishing boats and a beautiful display of traps down by the docks. 

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