Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3/5/14 Day 48 Gibraltar

Our time in Seville was far too limited, I would have loved to stay there a whole week. The pace was slower and the focus was not on the tourists, but the outdoors and the tranquility that it affords the population. Just another place I can't wait to go back to...it would also make a great place to study or to teach English if we decide to come back to Spain. But our BlaBlaCar leaves at noon and it is time to head to the country of Gibraltar! It is famous for military conquests due to the huge rock that makes up almost the entirety of the country, Gib Rock as the locals call it. The whole country is only 6.4 square kilometers, surrounded on three sides by ocean (half of which is Atlantic-half Mediterranean) and the fourth side is connected to Spain. Upon arrival we quickly found Nicky's place and sat down and had a beer with him before heading out into the city free of our packs. Wandering the streets we immediately notice a difference from Spain, no longer the typical white and black limestone patterns we have been traipsing over for the last six weeks. We are in Gibraltar now, A British owned colony and the city-country looks and feels just like the U.K. with fish and chips plates galore to prove it. 
Across the strait is Morocco
And just across the bay is Spain
To add a little more nonsense to the geographical area, the Eastern tip of Morocco is actually owned by Spain, Ceuta. 
Spain on the right and Morocco covered in clouds towards the left. 

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