Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4/14/14 Day 88 Roses

Sergi and Nuna his 2 year old rescued pit bull greeted us at the Roses bus stop late last night and walked us back, (the 3.5 blocks to his apartment).  After a solid nights sleep we are ready to experience the town. Sergi suggested we spend or day hiking to Cadaques rather than taking the boring bus and agrees to meet us over there and pick us up when he's off work. It's a 25 kilometer hike and should take around 4 hours. The hike is absolutely breathtaking, with every corner we round it appears as the waters become more crystal clear, the sun is out in full force, actually one of the hotter days we have had in a while! We don't run into too many people on the trail and are happily exhausted by the time we catch our first glimpse of the village chocked full off eggshell colored homes and restaurants. 

Parrots, noisily bantering through the palm trees. 

Beautiful flowering cacti throughout the trail

Our first glimpse of Cadaques

Freshly painted trail markings
More wine by the liter from the barrel, winning! 
Picturesque Cadaques

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4/10/14 Day 84 Barcelona

The weather has continued to be great, everything in the city continues to charge steep admission fees and the hordes of tourists continue to flow by the bus load, business is as usual in Barcelona. We have moved to stay with Pri, a sweet host originally from Toronto. Since it is a Thursday we figured today is the best day to visit La Rambla (the tourist aimed street with all of the performers and merchandise) before the hectic weekend days set in. We visited the cities main market which had a fantastic selection of juices of almost any fruit and color, we chose to sip on a strawberry coconut concoction for only 1 euro. Delicious and nutritious (makes me miss my Vitamix). While wandering the streets we also happened upon a random alley near the horror museum and found a very cool grotto bar and managed to find our way into the Ovella Negra, which was serving 1/2 liter pints for 3.75, cheap by Barcelona standards. Excited to see Park Guell, Gaudi's masterpiece aristocrat development, we hiked up the steep way to see the best view of the city. Only to learn that the park actually charges 8 euros a person as of October. Lame, Barcelona! So we found our way into a wine shop that sells straight from the barrel, and right on into our Platypus water bottle for 1.65/liter! More sightseeing and sure enough time for more drinking and snacks, 100 Montaditos is a chain sandwich shop that is common throughout Spain and on Sundays and Wednesdays they do 1 euro mini sandwiches, of which they have 100 varieties. Nothing to write home about as far as sandwiches go, but the catch is that they also have 1 euro pints of beer and tinto verano! We managed to get to the Magic Fountain for their nightly fountain display to music and also caught a glimpse of Torre Agbar, a landmark modern building that lights up in different colors every night. We continued our night meeting up with Pri and some of her friends and having a mussel dinner before heading out to the clubs for a night of dancing. 

Dancing with Pri

Kind of blurry but our good camera was being disagreeable at this point