Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3/27/14 Day 70 Málaga

We arrived at Beau's place yesterday evening and drank two bottles of wine while discussing couchsurfing, traveling and teaching English. He is from Louisiana, but has spent the past three years living and teaching in Spain and is full of information about the programs and the places where he has enjoyed his time. Waking up early was easy this morning as the air mattress we slept on in the cold living room was not the most comfortable of sleeps we have had. We only have one day to see this city so after a quick breakfast we part ways with Beau and wander off in the direction of the Picasso museum. Málaga is the city he was born in and the museum houses a great variety of his works and his varying styles and periods. It is also not too expensive at half cost for students only 3.50 euros. Culturally fulfilled for the day we head to the beach to knead our toes through the course sand on the windy beach of Mediterranean blue. The whole city is very esthetically pleasing with garden lined bike paths, bountiful tourist information and flat even sidewalks (it really is something I have started to appreciate after all of the lopsided degrading limestone paths we have walked). Thinking about lunch we find ourselves in the Mercado Ataranza with beautiful fruit stalls, meats, cheeses and tapas. We choose a spinach and and ground chicken patty to use for dinner for burgers, along with a goat cheese and soft buns. Our last tourist thing to do for the day is climb up to the highest point we can manage and get a view, in Málaga's case it is the castle. So we spend an hour or so hiking up but before we know it our time has run out, we need to pack up and catch our ride to our next host. Too bad the castle only costs .60 euros for students, very cheap for once. Today time seems to be on our side, we actually arrive early to our Blablacar and for once he speaks no English, so our Spanish is really put to the test. It must not be that bad because he keeps up conversation with us the entire way to Benajarafe where he drops us off right on the side of the highway, just steps away from the calm waves. With just a few hundred meters we meet Branko and his wife Madeleine, and their two adorable boxers. We chat about photography and travel and Switzerland where they have two more houses but prefer warmer Spain to spend their days. 

The beloved bike rental scheme, slowly but surely gaining popularity. 
We kept noticing how thorough and informational their tourist info is. 
The most colorful of bus stations
A 3D printing shop!
Here is a view of the bullring overlooking the Med. From up high on the castle. 

Spinach and chicken burgers for the win!

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