Wednesday, April 9, 2014

3/31/14 Day 74 Murcia

Throughout our travels in Spain we have heard mixed reviews about the ease of hitchiking, most recently however we have heard mostly yes totally easy. So naturally we figured we would give it a whirl, 4 hours later we had been picked up twice and only gotten 200 kilometers; the second guy was super nice though, even offering an invite to a barbecue at his house if we got stuck in town where he dropped us off. He was also a great Spanish practice as his English was at about the same level as our Spanish (definitely not fluent). At this point we were hot and tired we gave in and bought a pair of bus tickets to Cartagena in the district of Murcia. The bus ride dragged on for hours before finally getting to the station where another bus must be caught to San Javier. Just as we were pulling up to the station we got a text out to Dave, a previous coworker of Kevin's just as the very last of our data plan ran out.  After finding out from the receptionist that there are no more buses at this hour (20:00 on a Sunday) we rushed down to find the bus to Murcia, after confirming that yes this is the last bus going to the city, and it costs 4.10 euros, not to mention it is not the direction we really want to be going in, I feel my anxiety level rising. Just as I turn to Kevin to reiterate what the bus driver just told me we both look up to find Dave calling Kevin's name. Victory! What a relief, our phone was out of minutes and amazingly Dave managed to catch us before we bussed somewhere else! For five days we relaxed and hung out with Dave and Bianca his adorable dog who we took on long beach walks every day! We were able to get some annoying computer stuff done including filing my taxes and buying our tickets to Ireland! We fly out the 23rd of this month, only a few more weeks of Spain. Dave cooked many amazing soups for us with his pressure cooker pot, a definite needed addition to our kitchen when we get home. A much needed week of catching up and sleeping in. 

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