Saturday, April 19, 2014

4/8/14 Day 82 Barcelona

The struggle to get the promotional 5 euro train tickets from Valencia to Barcelona was really annoying, must be due to of my non-existent Spanish credit card (I feel like a Visa card is a Visa card why can't it be from my bank?) as punishment for having American euro money, we ended up paying almost 25 euros each for our bus tickets. We got into town late in the evening and walked straight to our host Jose's place. He was busy watching this crazy online Pokemon game in which the controls are being input by dozens of online players at once and the whole system suffers from a huge time lag, absolute chaos and frustration floor everyone involved, pretty ridiculous to watch though. So we chatted with Jose for the rest of the evening about his two favorite things, gaming and biking, a mellow night for sure. The whole next day we spent wandering the city of Barcelona. The buildings are very pretty but there are so many tourists that Kevin and I try to spend most of the day a safe distance away from the crowds. In the evening Jose met up with us with an extra bike and a bike share access card so the three of us could ride through the city! Kevin was of course stoked and chose the city bike for the evening. 
Since Franco insisted on having bullrings everywhere, might as well use them for something, shopping mall, reduce-reuse-recycle. 

The magic fountain by day, just another fountain. 

It seems that even the benches have a Gaudi inspired not straight lines rule in Barcelona. 
Exfoliating fish pedicure, apparently popular in Spain
We found this Dia branded 8 percent alcohol content beer at the local supermarket, Dia only .45 cents!

Arc de Triomph

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