Tuesday, May 6, 2014

4/15/14 Day 89 Cadaques

Still exhausted from our hike yesterday, but still waiting to see the Dali house in Cadaques we hop on a bus from Roses. The bus ride is one of those terrifying, cliff rounding, seat gripping experiences where you wonder if the bus driver actually has a death wish, but we arrived safely ready to head over to the Dali House. With 2 hours to spare we take the long way around the Cadaques harbor and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way. As usual it took way longer than we expected and at 10:30 we are still hustling to get to the ticket window as it is recommended to buy tickets online early! Finally we find our way into the line and waiting...waiting...waiting "2 student concession tickets please" "two left at 13:30" Done and done! What's even more amazing she slides the full sign into the window, we got the last two tickets of the day, what a sweet victory! We enjoy the next two hours lounging in the sun of the harbor that Salvador Dali knew and loved. We line up right at the designated time along with 6 others and are led through the house one room at a time for our strict 90 minute time slot. After enjoying the rest of our Dali tour we met up with Sergi to see the sights of Roses and grab our dinner at the fish market, 3 sea bass and a bag of potatoes later we were enjoying dinner and our last night with Sergi and Nuna. 

Last two tickets of the day!!!
A gift given to Dali, who doesn't want a polar pal for the entry. 
These are Dali's swans
And there is a picture of them still alive
Dali's studio
And one of my favorite techniques where he paints two different hued paints and aligns them with a mirror to make a 3D image, brilliant artist. 
And the red green glasses effects are endless in his works
A cage for canaries and on the right of the door a tiny cage for a cricket to sooth to sleep

Endless fascination for eggs and fertility
The views are alright as well

Reminiscent of Dali's famous Mae West piece

One of the largest groupings of Neolithic dwellings and right here in Roses. 
Sergi took us up to the most amazing view in the city
Meanwhile Nuna waited patiently for her walk
Dinner with Sergi!

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