Saturday, May 10, 2014

4/21/14 Day 95 Vilanova I La Geltru

We woke up to gloomy grey skies beckoning us to hide under the blankets as long as possible. When we finally did peel ourselves out of bed the cloud had evaporated and it was beach time, how quickly the weather can reverse moods on a whim. Since it is Easter Monday, following Easter week...and we are in Spain, nothing is open. The Spanish are pretty much always on holiday. So we drained off the batch of sangria I made the night before and headed for the beach. The 2 kilometer walk felt like forever with the heavy winds in our faces so we snuggled up behind a rock fortress and watched the wind surfers playfully flip and toss around in the waves while we enjoyed our lunch. Lunch finished, sangria empty and wind reduced finally we began our intended hike to Sitges, another small beach town a short 8 kilometers north of us and only 20 south of Barcelona as the cities famed go-to beach. The trail winds up the rock face near the train tracks and back down to the small secluded beaches and is a very popular trail for bikers, hikers and runners. The first thing we saw when we reached Sitges beach, (known for the flamboyant crowds) two adorable guys with 8 Yorkshire terriers!!! An entire herd of them playing in the surf. We enjoyed the soft sands of Sitges for awhile before it was time to head back for dinner, we will be cooking stuffed bell peppers for Stig tonight so prep time is essential. On the hike home Kevin wanted to leave a penny on the tracks for a euro souvenir, the first one disappeared into the rocks but the second one a complete success. We also successfully left our mark in Spain, a lock and a promise to return to this amazing country to more deeply explore the North coast, wine country and all of the hiking we didn't have time for. After securing it to an eyelet on a flag pole we left the key on the tracks so that it to would be squashed out of commission and then tossed it into the ocean, can't take the lovelock back now!

Ant trail

Drop the key into the ocean...goodbye Spain

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