Saturday, May 10, 2014

4/23/14 Day 97 Travel to Ireland

Another 6:00 morning spent cinching, smooshing and folding everything we own in order to accommodate the ridiculous standards of RyanAir. It is our first flight with these well known con artists who offer ridiculously cheap flights across Europe for the opportunity to charge heinous fees for almost anything you can imagine including a 70 euro fee if you don't bring your own printed boarding pass! We are risking it because we only paid for one 15 kilo piece of luggage (Kevin's) and we are going to chance it that my bag will pass the rigorous 10 kilo 50x40x20 cm specifications. Saying goodbye to Stig and the beautiful Vilanova I La Geltru we walked quickly to the train station to connect on to the airport. What a relief to actually be on time all morning and with time to spare, we should really try this more often, without any setbacks we place Kevin's bag on the scale and to our amazement a perfect 15 kilograms, 25 euros well spent on the luggage, and better yet they don't even ask us to prove that my bag fits in the bin, a double win for the day as the fee for having to check it after the initial reservation is a steep 50 euros.
Safely landed and 20 minutes early into the gate and what's more the rainy Wednesday forecast has actually blossomed into a clear blue day. Breezing through customs where we got our fifth country stamp we practically bounded on to the bus to take us to Moone. Before we could claim our seats however the bus driver informed us that the road would be closed until after 18:00 and we could get a ride to Dublin city center until the later bus route could deliver us. After a long awaited fish and chips lunch we made our way into the local grocery stores including Aldi a sister store to Tarder Joes, and Tesco, the ireland version of Target, to peruse our options for our upcoming three day trek while waiting for a WhatsApp text from our Work Away host. Finally we got a response with two unexpected replies one that we could not drop our extra stuff off that late and two that we were not expected until Sunday not Saturday, so +1 extra day of hiking gained, -1 night of distance lost. The solution was clear, just camp a night in Moone, warm up our dusty unused tent. After buying enough groceries for three days, tuna sandwiches, bananas and pretzels we caught our 18:00 bus towards Tramore, south of Dublin. After winding up and around the streets of Moone for a bit we decide to hunker down and put up our tent. We knock on the first door with an appropriate yard to ask permission and are not only invited to pitch our tent anywhere but insisted on joining for tea and cakes. After some lovely conversation we find out that we are actually in the neighboring yard to Jenny and Karl's place where we will be volunteering for the next two weeks, the smallest of small worlds...especially in a town with a population of a few hundred. After tea and cakes we enjoy a few ciders in our tent and await our 9:30 appointment with Jenny in the morning. 

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