Saturday, May 17, 2014

5/17/14 Day 121 Roadtrip to Killarney National Park

Our current WorkAway host, Paul lives forty minutes outside of Cork and luckily for us has given us a 1998 Volkswagen Polo to drive while we are staying here just so long as we (and by we I mean Kevin) can get some minor fixes taken care of. First up the fan isn't automatically switching on, so it must be wired to stay on constantly. Easy enough while Kevin finishes that up I bake a dozen apple and carrot muffins and we are ready for our well deserved weekend roadtrip.  It was only a few miles under the tires before we realized the car's temperature gauge was rising. We pulled over and Kevin tinkered around on the engine for a few minutes before emerging, problem solved. Or so we thought, just a few more miles and we had to pull over again to try something else, still having to drive with the heat on full blast we stopped for a short hike to allow the engine to cool down to try letting the air bubble out of the coolant tank. Luckily we had made it to Killarney, the National Park we had planned on spending tomorrow exploring, we parked near Torc Waterfall and spent an hour hiking the looped walking trail around the falls. By the time we are finished and have tried once more to mend the car with no success, it is after 18:00 there is no way we will make it to the Dingle Peninsula, so we enjoy the rest of our evening and find a nearby place to spend the night. Tomorrow we will be climbing the tallest mountain in Ireland. 

Torc Waterfall

Two of the three Killarney loughs (lakes); Muckross & Leane

Small, infinitely tight curves, narrow as can be, the Dunloe Gap

The trusty Polo

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