Sunday, May 11, 2014

5/4/15 Day 108 Keel Beach to Westport

The rain is absolutely pounding the we really have to go out there?! The plan was to bike to Keem, another beach 8 kilometers further, but there is no way we are adding another 16 kilometers to our already 60 kilometer ride. At 10:00 we can no longer wait for the rain to cease, we struggle to pack up our bags and tents and are riding into sideways rain with wind blowing us backwards. The weather is absolutely miserable, and there are puddles in all four of our shoes. When we finally get to Malaranny we take a break and treat ourselves to a bowl of chowder and a pot of tea to keep our blood flowing the right direction. Slightly less cold and still very damp we head back out onto the trail and to our surprise the rain has slowed down and the wind is finally at our back, we have a chance of making it out of here after all! After a gruesome four and a half hours we complete the trail and arrive back in Westport where we deliver the bikes back to Clew Bay where we transfer our gear from the panniers back into our packs and head up to the forest to crash into a deep sleep in our tent. We decided to try hitchhiking back to Kildare the next day to avoid the 40 euro train tickets. With huge success we never waited more than 20 minutes, received four lifts and traveled more than 300 kilometers in under 6 hours and were able to meet some really interesting people and learn a lot about Irish politics and school systems. Hitchhiking used to be a common way of transport here but with the economic boom everyone bought their own cars and now all of the people who used to travel by hitching are happy to pick us up and help pay it forward. 

A successful 160 kilometers ridden in two days

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