Sunday, June 1, 2014

5/23/14 Day 127 WorkAway Bandon

We spent two weeks staying with Paul in his rural country home (40 minutes from Cork City). He owns his own landscaping company, but is currently taking a break from it to work on other projects, most importantly his beautiful 1970's beetle. The first few days we spent our hours working in the city of Cork at his friends newly opening nail salon, we painted, sanded and scraped until late in the night as the grand opening was just a few days away. I even got a bonus shellac manicure out of it (as weird as a French tip manicured backpacker is). The following day we accompanied Paul to Brittas Bay to a beautiful beach where some wind blown hedges needed to be tended. The drive down to Britta's Bay is breathtaking as we putted along in Paul's rickety flatbed. Another few days were spent building wooden stage pieces for the local drama Paul is working in, and we got to see both the dress rehearsal and the first opening night of the play loosely based on the tv show Big Brother. Most of the rest of our time was spent organizing his shop for the summer, Kevin helped work on the cars a bit while I did some cleaning, cooking and baking including my first batch of Nutella peanut butter cookies. On our last day at Paul's Kevin has finally decided enough is enough, vengefully holding hair clippers in one hand and a comb in the other. It took us a while it get through all of that hair, quite a first time experience, but he should be happily short haired for at least a few more weeks. We said goodbye to Paul for a month or so, but we will be back with Julie on July 2nd when we borrow the Polo for our drive around the perimeter of Ireland. 

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