Friday, June 6, 2014

5/25/14 Day 129 Travel to Edinburgh, Scotland

After a lazy morning and short day of wandering Dublin it is evening back at Adam's place. There are three new couch surfers and Alex is cooking dinner for everyone. As discouraging as it is, we have to leave right after dinner....but it is already 22:40 and we are after a 23:00 bus (the last city bus of the evening) to take us to the airport, for only 1.50 euros. It is about a 20 minute walk/sprint with our packs and as we are just about to the bus stop I realize that I don't have the phone. We scramble to check all of our pockets before admitting that yes it is indeed gone. After a short few minutes scanning the streets Kevin suggests we try the Find My iPhone app so we step into a McDonalds with the iPad and see both of the devices on the map and the phone is still on, but it's definitely not where we have been. We go dashing across the city to the further canal from where we are. With random wifi we are able to look up the coordinates again and we are, so far away, we just ran to the wrong canal, so back we go to where we just spent 15 minutes running from. The signal is coming from a club right near the canal, Kevin heads over while I stay with the internet signal just in case. A few minutes later and we are reunited with our phone, and stepping onto the last Aircoach (6 euro bus) of the night. Apparently some guy was outside trying to figure out how to call on it and Kevin just happened to spot him, easy enough! Now for the fun part of the evening we have six hours until our flight leaves so an attempt to get in a small airport nap is crucial. Not as comfortable as you might think, mostly because all of the good benches were already taken by the other fifty or so people who were already blissfully napping by the time we got there. 6:35 couldn't come soon enough as we lined up to board our Ryanair flight to Edinburgh. We again chose to use Kevin's bag as our 1 piece of paid luggage and after removing the top pack from my bag counting it my carry-on, no problems and in the blink of a nap the flight was over and we were in Edinburgh and cruising on our way to the city via the local Aircoach bus. After meeting Babis our Edinburgh CS host he had to jet to work and we took the opportunity for a much needed nap. What a night/morning! Finally feeling a bit more alive we wandered into the city, managed to get ourselves a SIM card, for 10 pounds we get 2 months in a row of 500 mb of data and 20 pounds extra credit. The city is absolutely breathtaking with its gothic charm, even in the rain. 

The city is chocked full of amazing alleyways like this known as a close. I highly recommend wandering through them. 
We got stuck inside a whisky shop as a particularly heavy downpour began to flood the streets

Since the rain just kept flowing, so did the beers we visited some of the local pubs, Brew Dog makes beers similar to what we are familiar with at home and they even use some Cascade Hops!
Adorable little taxis in Edinburgh

And then there is this stuff, it is supposedly a very popular energy drink, but it tastes like blue raspberry cotton candy, (or whatever the most artificial blue tasting flavor is) and the really appetizing part, the liquid is orange...needless to say we only had one. 

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