Friday, June 6, 2014

5/26/14 Day 130 Edinburgh, Scotland

Since the city has done nothing but pour rain for the last two days the blue skies are a welcome site and we can finally do a bit more exploring. We head up to monument hill, which as the title implies is a bunch of really random monuments on a hill overlooking the city; there is a partially built Parthenon (they ran out of money during the construction), an obelisk, a castle tower, and a few more more, very eclectic. We spent a few hours in the sunshine wandering through the botanical gardens. As the sun approached the horizon we huffed our way up the Plateau known as Arthur's Seat for the best sunset perch in the city. For our finale a cask ale pint at the Brass Monkey. 

Looking up to Monument Hill
And the view across it

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Our amazing Edinburgh hosts! Chewbacca, their adorable miniature cat didn't want to pose

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