Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6/2/14 Day 137 Glasgow to Kendal

We say goodbye to Scott who has hosted us the last few days and head downstairs for our 8:00 early morning BlaBlaCar. 40 minutes later still patiently peering down the road I double check my messages and realize that the ride is actually set up for tomorrow... what a fail! After our usual exchange of looks (after an epic fail) we decide to attempt the unlikely (hitchhiking out of a huge city on a motorway) and trying to get all the way to the Lakes District. The motorways are technically not legal to hitchhike on, but it is ok to try your luck with the on ramps. The weather is as decent as we could hope for (grey skies and not raining) and we are in luck the M6 Motorway has a nice wide shoulder for us to use. After about 20 minutes a truck driver stops and offers us a ride the entire way to Kendal as he lives in Liverpool and it is on his way, plus he enjoys the company. The days fail has been revoked by a bonus win; spending no money to get 200 miles to our next destination. We arrive to Kendal by 13:00 (wahoo we are in England) and wander the city before heading to Alan and Amanda's place at 17:30 to meet them after work.  Kendal is a very charming town known for its Mint Cake made famous as a preferred survivalist food of the first climbers of Everest. Also noteworthy, Kendal houses the company headquarters of Lowe Alpine a successful outdoors brand. 

Cute little mailboxes

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