Tuesday, July 22, 2014

6/25/14 Day 160 Cornwall Roadtrip

After walking Alison to the bus station yesterday and collapsing on the couch with a week of nothing planned ahead of us, we decided to drive to Cornwall with Nick, our host, who also had the whole weekend off. We packed up the car with inflatable kayaks, tents and of course cider and away we go! While we were driving along we passed a sign pointing to the valley of Eden. Moments later Nick began to explain about the biome project that I was planning on visiting in London (apparently my geography memory is less than stellar in this case) we talked about how expensive the biome project is, a staggering 23.50£ or 40USD$. We as a group decided that we are right there, none of us have ever seen it and we should at least check it out from the outside. After parking and winding our way through the parking lot the gift shop and entrance become visible, Nick suggests we head through the open back door of the gift shop, sure why not? We continued through the open doors until we found ourselves in the humid core of the first biome, no payment necessary. Granted it is the end of the day and they are setting up for a Skrillex show in a few hours, but nonetheless, no one ever asked us for money and we just saved 80$ on ticket fees that we would have reluctantly forked over. The beauty of open doors! Even better yet we quickly were drawn to a chair that our WorkAway Wales program had constructed and delivered to the peak of Cader Idris, which we climbed just a few weeks ago! After being removed by the Wales forestry team the chair was re-gifted to the Eden Project, and here a few short years later it stands proudly. After our free satisfying visit to the biomes we continued our journey to Mullion Cove where we prepared some amazing burgers and enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the cliffs. 

Nick and our first glimpse of the Eden Project

The stage for Eden Project nights

Storytelling chair from Taran Eco Designs

Amazing biodiversity and productivity
And a cool room for when the rainforest is just too hot to handle

Indoor waterfall, obviously

Some quality environmental education

Amazing <3
Dinner above Mullion Cove

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