Wednesday, July 23, 2014

6/26/14 Day 161 Cornwall

The rain began battering the tent at 4:00 this morning and continued heavily until about 10:00 at which point we hastily packed up our beautiful ridge-top campsite at Mullion Cove and drove the rest of the way past the lizard peninsula and towards the very Southwestern tip. Driving by Marazion, it is low tide and with a sharp left turn we are heading to St. Michael's Mount to walk across the causeway that is only available for a few hours during low tide before being swallowed up along with the tide flats. Walking back across at 13:00 we have roughly thirty minutes before the stones will be under water and we head for the car after first finding ourselves some specialty Cornish pasties for lunch. They are traditionally a diet of poor miners who would hold it by the crust, eat the rest and then toss away the crust that their soiled hands had held. Ours was made with steak potatoes and onions. Next up a drive through Mousehole, this adorable little fishing village with the most ridiculously narrow, fast, hairpin turns and only a few incidents where we had to stop for opposing traffic to decide who shall pass and who shall wait. We passed by roadside farm stands with honesty boxes and the most in season delights. We continued on towards Land's End, where we were momentarily disappointed by the required fee before reversing out and we continued onward to the beautiful beach of Sennen Cove where we watched the clouds float on by for a few hours. One of our last stops of the evening is to the beautiful Minack Theatre, an amphitheater carved into the rock and still hosting shows multiple times a week. 

Beautiful St. Michael's Mount at low tide

The castle above and beyond

Tide creeping in

Higher and higher until slowly the causeway begins to disappear
Our first Cornish Pasty
Blind, winding, single lane roads
Roadside fruit and veggies

The Minack Theatre

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