Friday, August 15, 2014

7/12/14 Day 177 Dublin Ireland

After an hour of searching up and down the airport we find our sweet rainbow head Celeste, stressed, and without luggage. United airlines had a delayed flight on her second leg of three and while she booked it to catch her connection there wasn't enough time for her luggage to catch the connection. The unfortunate dilemma is that our ferry leaves tonight at 2:00 a.m. and they can't get a flight with her bag on it until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow when we will be in England already. So we decided to set the transfer up for England tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile the four of us are off to explore Dublin for the rest of the day. We started our adventure at the Guinness storehouse for 15 euros our tour is concluded with a free Guinness pint. The exhibit is really amazing one of the better tours I have ever been on, complete with the Guinness version of smell-o-vision; toasted barley, malt, alcohol and hops. We were taught how to poor a perfect pint which takes 119.5 seconds, and we got certificates exemplifying our perfect pour skills. Up to the 7th floor we went with our beers, snagging a couple of extras that were poured and deserted. Shortly after we had received our free round of beers at the Gravity Bar the power went out throughout he city and we were hastily escorted out and down 7 flights of stairs with an invitation to return when the alarms were turned off and security can be reestablished. The staff wouldn't tell us anything, so we wandered into the city for 2 hours before returning for our pints. Normally the bartenders punch your admission slip when you order a pint to ensure that you only get one, but... with the chaos of the evacuation everyone's cards have been stamped already. So we were able to go up to a different bartender each time and order a round of Guinness for the four of us. By the time we were ready to leave we had probably had 20 pints between the four of us and were ready to hit the town, drunk off Guinness for the first time ever. We later discovered that the power outages had caused some of the grains to burn and they were smoking which was the cause for the evacuation. Next on the agenda, food. We head straight for Leo Burdock's, the oldest chippery in Ireland to share an order of fish and chips (and we even ordered the extra fryer crispies on top. 

Tomorrowland bracelets have arrived

Amazing wood carving

The view from the 7th floor

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