Saturday, August 16, 2014

7/20/14 Day 185 Bicycles galore in Amsterdam

With sore legs from our day of dancing in the sunshine yesterday it is time to explore Amsterdam a bit. It is so great to see bikes everywhere, all of the bikes: little bikes, big bikes, colorful and dark, Dutch bikes, fixed gear bikes, junky mountain bikes, people in business suits on their way to work, and bums who just ripped off a bike trying to make a quick buck. The bike paths are even wider than the roads in some areas, and there are more bikes per capita than there are people! We walked along the canals looking at more bikes, and canal boats before heading out for poffertjes, a Dutch pancake that we always used to get at the Lynden fair growing up, but they originate from the Netherlands and trying them in the motherland is a must. They are small and deliciously powder sugar coated in a cast iron pan! I must admit they are not our favorite poffertjes, more like tiny pancakes, and upon research into the matter realized they are more commonly a street market type food, not a pancake restaurant specialty, oh well next time.  After the poffertjes we moved onto another food commonly eaten in the Netherlands, kroket and out of a FEBO automated hot vending machine nonetheless. We got two different mystery meat filled deep fried snacks and continued on through the red light district quickly as the rain started to pelt us. We cruised through the various coffee shops and talked up the very knowledgeable shopkeepers in the recommended Kokopelli smart shop and at the end of our three days here we finally found the famous sign, IAmsterdam!


Our climbing tree at the 47 hectare Vondelpark
Random iguana statues?

Celeste in all of her glory ;-D

Our host for the weekend Martin

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