Tuesday, August 5, 2014

7/4/14 Day 169 Ireland Roadtrip: The Ring of Kerry & Dingle Peninsula

Julie arrived in Dublin yesterday, where we met her on the bus route to Cork. Upon arrival we spent our day relaxing in the sunshine, drinking cheap cider and napping off our travel weariness. We met up with Ciaran our previous CS Cork host before Paul our friend from WorkAway came into town to retrieve us. After a solid nights sleep and a morning of Kevin working on the car we are setting off for one of the most beautiful drives in the world, the Ring of Kerry.

With grey clouds ominously looming overhead we set off to drive the legendary Ring of Kerry peninsula. We pulled off for all of the cliffs, mountains and sheep for a quick look but almost every time we were thwarted by the dense fog filled grey skies. The upside to the miserable weather is that the fast winding, curve hugging roads were not absolutely choked with tourist filled cars polluting our drive. We even had a few of the stops all to ourselves. Just in case we ever forgot that the views would be all the more stunning if we could see more than ten feet in front of our faces, the prominent signs reminded us what we were missing "most beautiful cliff in Ireland" or "best view in Europe", yeah yeah whatever. We parked in front of one of the viewpoint trails and got out of the car just as someone from inside was shooting us a dirty glare, we walked in to ask her for a map, and only after she gave us a whole introduction about the area, not leaving out any details about the best beehive huts found on this very property did we realize that this is a private property, charging and profiting from the historic remains and spectacular cliff side, and at 5€ a person nonetheless! Only one solution to that, we drove down the road to the next driveway, a dairy farm road and walked right on up it past the curious cow herd and enjoyed our views for free! Unfortunately we were unable to feast our eyes upon the amazing monastic beehive settlements...that is until later on during the drive when we passed almost a dozen more clinging onto the hillside. 

We spend the next two days driving the perimeter of the Kerry and Dingle peninsulas and are ready for a night of sleep in comfy beds at Paul's place, while preparing ourselves for the remainder of our adventure. We must: finish up all of the laundry, charge all of the batteries, cook a hearty potato hash with the very best of fresh Irish potatoes and get a batch of peanut butter muffins and Nutella peanut butter cookies baked, cooled and packed. Now that the car is sorted it is time to head to the Wild Atlantic Way coast. 

Paul's charming countryside farmhouse
Paul's beautiful classic beetle that originally is what we were in Cork participating in WorkAway for
Our Labrador for the week, Lilly, such a sweetheart
The first beach we pulled into and began our Buckfast adventure

The free.50 view from the farmers field

Inch Strand our parking and camping haven for the remainder of our stormiest night of camping 

Beach driving
The almighty Beehive huts on Dingle peninsula

On top of a foggy mystical waterfall oasis <3
Our first brewery stop at Crean's, even got to pin Blaine (because Seattle was heavily pinned already)
The first portion of the drive, highlighted in red

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