Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10/8/14 Day 265 Pollino National Park and the Raganello Canyon

Breakfast Italian style this morning (espresso and toast) because we forgot to stop by the store on the way home. After our breakfast of champions is finished and we say goodbye and thank you to Mega we get straight on the A3 for the 90 minute drive to Civita in Pollino National Park. The information on this area is pretty limited, so we are just going to head over and see what we can find, most of what is written about it is for guided canyon tours in the summer. Tucked away in the depths of the sharp, steep streets we find a parking space to post Poly up for a few hours. And for ourselves we head down the aggressively steep drive which we do not dare drive our car down after our incident on Hvar. Waiting for us at the bottom was an abandoned museum, and after a bit of exploration the devils bridge. We found a way down to the floor of the canyon where the walls were low and waded through the thigh height freezing water until we could make our way into the depths of Raganello Canyon. We hopped from boulder to boulder and crossed the river countless times, exploring the grooves formed by the Raganello River. In total the canyon is 17 kilometers long, we spent a few hours clamboring through, but didn't go to far as we weren't equipped with any ropes once the water started to get too deep. 

The Devil's Bridge
Staring into the depths of the canyon

Frigid thigh deep water throughout most of our wander

Safety check to enter the canyon; helmet-no; shoes-no; ropes and carabiners-no alright all ready!
A perfect way to cool off on a scorching hot day

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