Sunday, October 5, 2014

9/25/14 Day 252 Dubrovnik, Last Stop in Croatia

Well we have arrived in Dubrovnik, and after the huge hassle getting through Bosnia it may be time to reevaluate our plan of driving through Montenegro and Albania to Greece. As amazing as having the car is we might need to arrive via flight to Greece in order to give our stress levels a break, the process of driving through three more actual borders without insurance may not work and then we will be stuck and could possibly even lose the we have decided to head to Italy and drive their country instead. So between our days lazing around on the beaches near Dubrovnik we spent a definite chunk of our time orchestrating what would be a completely different October than we had planned, including our Anniversary on the first of the month. So we spent time on the internet each day, we got our ferry tickets booked, our AirBnB room booked for our anniversary, couch requests out for Sicily and decided where our first week of October would be spent in a timely enough fashion to hit the beach each day. Dubrovnik is a beautiful walled city with UNESCO heritage status which seems almost absurd consider in 1995 the city was plummeted with bullets and almost two-thirds of the city needed to be restored (by UNESCO standards of course, but still). Since there were four of us staying in the city an AirBnB is the most logical accomodation option. The first place we rent for one night was fine, it had a washing machine, decent kitchen and enough comfortable beds to accommodate all of us in a studio apartment. Unfortunately there was no wifi, which had been a major selling point when listed under the amenities, and to be completely fair I even specifically asked the host to verify that the wifi would be available, frustrating, but oh well. We obviously didn't book the dishonest listing a second night in a row. The place we stayed the next night was infinitely better, a beautiful flat, complete with two bedrooms, a jet tub, a gorgeous city view, a great kitchen and internet for the same price as the other unit 74$ a night. Since Dan's birthday falls on the day we will be on the ferry to Italy, we celebrate during our last night in Croatia. We spend the day drinking beers at Barba, a bar in the old town with cliff jumping right into the Adriatic Sea. For dinner we went to a cozy modern place called Buza where we inhaled octopus burgers, clams and fried calamari, all were really good. A few hours later we were back at our flat and once we were tastefully sauced on cheap red wine we headed for Revelin, a nightclub within the old city walls. Confusingly enough the bottom floor is actually a strip club called Revelin, and the top is a nightclub, and no you don't get entry into both for your 7€ cover. The LED display is very well setup and the upper floor viewpoint has a cool domed ceiling. Overall the club was great, however the music was predictable in a very mainstream and disappointing typical club fashion. Croatia has been amazing, but it is time to move onto the country of pizza and pasta, Italy here we come!

Quick pullover, sunset group shot; Dan, Casey, Myself and Kevin

Overlooking the bridge North of the city
Endless alleys to get lost in

The set for Game of Thrones, it is incredible the amount of work they put into these sets, including gluing in extra walls and arches as they please
Jumping off of the cliffs at Buza Bar: Kevin
And Dan

Stradun, Dubrovnik's main street

It is possible to walk along the 2 kilometer wall perimeter of the old city...for a fee of 100 Kunas

A glowing arrow relieving weary walkers from wondering how far away they still are?! 17 more minutes until Old Town
Club Revelin

Amazing food, no touristy vibe, and octopus burgers reminds me of my favorite place back home, 8oz. Burger Bar in Seattle

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