Wednesday, November 5, 2014

10/24/14 Day 281 Last stop in Italy: Rest & Relaxation in Pisogne

We successfully dropped our extra Kevin off at the Venice airport so he can make it to class in Sweden on time, but we will be meeting up with him next week in order to hand over the keys to Poly for good. An amazing car and some amazing adventures we have had with her, but the time has come, we leave to Asia in just over a month and I'm pretty sure she will not fit within the airplane carry-on dimensions, so stingy the airlines are these days with a 10 kilogram limit! So we will drive to Berlin where we will meet Kevin and he will drive back to Sweden, leaving us once again homeless without our car! Now for the two of us it is time to do some major catching up: on sleep, blogging, flight purchases, and planning the next sector of our lives. What better place for a relaxing couple of days than with Michele back in Pisogne, nothing but a six hour drive stands between us, let's go! We take the leisurely roads North and West from Venice bypassing highways for favorable slower country roads and stopping along the way for scenery. Arriving back at Micky's is such a relief, in this beautiful village in this fantastically scenic region. As for the real icing on the cake: the pasta is on the table and ready to eat upon our arrival. I love Italy! We spent the next four days trying to get organized in between eating way too much Italian food everyday. Micky's mom treated us like we really are homeless, constantly forcing another heaping serving of pasta or pork chop, and when his dad discovered I know and enjoy wine he was constantly slicing another type of fresh local cheese to go with the days local bottle of red. When we weren't eating, sleeping or wasting our days on the Internet we cruised around with Michele to some of the nearby villages to see some of his favorite places in the valley. We couldn't have asked for a better week with better company!

A pit stop in the beautiful city of Verona to stretch our legs and reminisce about Romeo & Juliet
Garda Lake, a beautiful day coming to a close
Another village just north of Lake D'Iseo
Cold, crisp and solitary, as this time of year should be, the tourists have gone home
Lake D'Iseo
What a treat, Michele's mom teaching me to make gnocchi like a real Italian!

Kevin's art wall present
Moo machine: for 1€/liter you get fresh milk in a reusable bottle, and the machine makes moo sounds!!

Also next to the Moo there is a local tap with cold fresh still and sparkling water for free!
Saying goodbye to Michele and trying to accept our last drive with Poly

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