Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12/5/14 Day 323 Motorbiking Ko Pha Ngan

Stumbling off of the ferry hot and tired we immediately begin the crucial search for food and motorbikes. First came the food, we found this amazing local open air food-cart congregation with everything from Thai pancakes, (similar to crepes), fried chicken and oodles of spicy noodles all for under 60 baht! We pretty much ate most of our meals here, just can't get enough street food! Next on the agenda, find bikes, a search that only takes 5-6 inquiries before we can strike a deal to our liking, two bikes, four days, 100 baht/day, a score considering going rate is 200baht/day. With a quick lesson we had Julie driving a motorbike and I hopped on the back with Kevin and away the three of us (and our packs) went, to Baan Tai where Maurius our CouchSurfing host met up with us for some dinner. The next day Maurius showed us all over the island, taking us snorkeling to Secret Beach beach where we visited Koh Raham, a really chill bar with steps right into prime snorkeling among brightly colored tropical fish. We talked a lot about his work on the islands for the last five years teaching scuba diving and freediving, also known as apnea where a diver slows down their heart rate by taking deep breaths in preparation for extending the length of time they can hold their breath underwater. Professional freedivers can reach depths of 100+ meters in depth and over ten minutes of time underwater, with no tank of air to support them like scuba divers. The whole island of Ko Pha Ngan is beautiful and has a lot to offer for nature enthusiasts, with a 40 kilometer perimeter a motorbike was essential to exploring the dozens of beaches. Most of them are really laid back and pristine even in the peak of high season. We enjoyed our days in solitude knowing the Full Moon Party was coming up and we would be joining the masses on the party beach soon. 

Fried rice wrapped in egg omelet, a great spatula technique, frying the egg opposite the fried rice

Our gorgeous view at lunch over Haad Salad
Mae Haad, a sandy beach with a causeway connecting to Ko MA island that can be walked at low tide with some abandoned bungalows and beautiful coconut trees abound

Crossing the causeway
Bungalows right on the beach

Our snorkeling spot in front of Secret Beach, just South of Haad Yao

You literally jump in right off the dock of the chilled out bar
And you will be swimming with the fish of the Gulf of Thailand
Kevin and I
Beautiful parrotfish

Colorful corals
Sea Urchins that will slice and dice you
Giant clam

Just scootering around the island

Marius our CouchSurfing host, Julie, myself and Kevin

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