Sunday, January 4, 2015

12/29/14 Day 347 Final Days of Thai Visa in Ko Lanta, Thailand

On our last day in Ko Lanta we rented motorbikes to see the remainder of the island. Try as we might we were unable to bargain the price below 200 baht, as for accommodation closer to the ferry terminal we grudgingly had to accept a 300 baht room for Kevin and I and a 200 baht dorm for Jules to pare for our early departure in the morning. We stash our bags at our accommodation, Chillout House near Long Beach and take the bikes all the way to the Old Town on the southeast coast. Not much to do or see in the tired looking village so we continue on from there to the waterfall near Nui beach. We reach the drip, drop, drizzle of the meager waterfall flow after a 20 minute hike and are on our way back down the trail after a few short minutes. At least we managed to see some elephants and a huge flying squirrel. We continue just a bit further down the road to Bamboo Beach for sunset. We cruise through Saladan for dinner at the huge market before having one last Ko Lanta beach walk on the length of Long Beach. The beach of Khlong Khong seems so much more lively, with a more close cluster of bars rubbing shoulders and a similar ambience from every place on the beach. Long Beach doesn't have this same vibe, it is double the size and half the character in my opinion, but nevertheless, a nice place to pass the time. 
Our last day in Thailand! We make our way to the Saladan port where we have scheduled an 8:00 minibus (air conditioned minivan) to Trang for 260 baht each, a price we had to bargain hard for. Our two hour scheduled drive took three hours in the end (always late, Thai time) we reached Trang at 11:00, just as the local bus was about to start the two hour journey to Satun. There is a famous night market in Trang that is supposed to be the best on the west coast, but Monday is the only night it is closed, so no shopping for us. The local orange bus took four hours stopping and starting at every possible intersection in every village along the way for 100 baht before delivering us to Satun, the very furthest southwest province of Thailand. By the time our bus finally came to a stop in Satun, completely devoid of passengers it was 15:00 and our ferry left in an hour. With only 8 kilometers to go we hitched a ride to the ferry port with one of the first trucks to drive our way. We purchased our ferry tickets for 300 Baht and checked out with Thai customs before boarding. With the quickest trip yet we arrived to Langkawi in just an hour, and were offloaded and stamped with our free 90 day visa into Malaysia by immigration in another 10 minutes. 

Beautiful multicolored hermit crab

A horned beetle
Fried rice in egg omelette, the ultimate carb protein combo

Flying squirrel near the waterfall hike


Bamboo Beach sunset

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