Friday, January 9, 2015

1/8/15 Day 357 Adoring Animals in Langkawi, Malaysia

Jeff shares his home with 12 dogs and 20 cats as a sanctuary for the battered, the abused and the unloved animals of Langkawi. Most importantly he fosters these animals that have experienced unimaginable horrors so that they can trust humans and be loved all over again. Each dog has had its own distinct trauma, some of them starved, choked, almost beat to death. The cats are the same story, kittens have been left in a box on Jeff's doorstep only one day old, and others have barely escaped dog attacks alive. We have been settled into the spare bedroom at Jeff's place for a week now lodged somewhere between CouchSurfing and WorkAwaying with a daily routine of chores bright and early in the morning to keep the house immaculate for the health and happiness of the animals followed by breakfast at the local Chinese hawker stand just a block away. With a focus in animal psychology, Jeff taught us a lot about these animals and how much of an impact one person can make. We spent a lot of time cuddling the dogs and trying to earn their trust, it is advantageous that we get to help nudge their trust with biscuits, noodles and bits of whatever is cooking. In Jeff's house the menu is always changing, he loves to cook and does it very very well. We learned the secret to the best fried rice, how to make pan mee noodles from scratch, and even how to clean squid! Most days the dogs sat around us in the kitchen waiting for our leftover which we could toss to them once our bellies were finito. Most things we can eat they can eat, waste not want not after all. On days we are ingesting really spicy dishes, or any other dog poisons then he might sweetly prepare them a rice, egg and anchovy concoction for dinner. When we weren't eating at home Jeff was busy making sure our bellies were always overfilled with the local Chinese and Indian fare for between 4 and 6 meals everyday! 

Beautiful currency of Malaysia, notes changed only 3 years ago so multiple versions are in circulation
Homemade pan mee (flour noodles, fried garlic, mushroom and broth) and red bean sweet soup
Iced beverages with quite the range of flavors, we stick to the simple coffee option
Noodles and rice all of the fried options
Only 10 ringgit for a plate (3$)
Coconut and red bean pancakes
Jackfruit, huge and a lot of work to extract the fruits
Mya the puppy

Black pork soup, so amazing
Cendol, a very strangely sweet iced dessert with beans corn and green sweet rice noodles
We ate here every morning, noodles and soups and rice galore
Inside at Water Garden

The bottom row is 1.50 ringgit for a pack...that is less than .50¢
Black-Black and Julius
Jeff cooking us fried rice the correct way
Kevin learning how to use a chopping knife
Here are 10 of the 12 canine critters we spent our days with
Anjun and Pretty, brother and sister dingos and the leaders of the pack
Buddy and holly, corgi mix, brother and sister always wishing they are the leaders

Dinner time for the dogs
First the rice, followed by a whole egg
Plenty of anchovies to top it off

Kopi (condensed milk), kopi o (no milk, layer of sugar sediment) and kopi o bing (no milk, with ice)
Prawn mee, noodles, prawns, pork and a delicious spicy broth
Laksa is a rice noodle soup that is really quite fishy and not really for me
Buddy king of the cats after he cared for 1 day old kittens when they were dumped in a box at Jeff's 

More pan mee
Homemade fried calamari fresh from the market

Julie and Julius

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