Friday, February 27, 2015

2/4/15 Day 384 The Tidiest City: Malang, Indonesia

After the train arrived in Malang it finally dawned on us that it was 4:30 in the morning, and sleep was no longer on the agenda; unlike our journey to Yogyakarta where we arrived at the train station after the sun had already surfaced in the morning and we had acquired some sleep on the seats that were 1/3 bigger. I can't even begin to imagine how many times I tried to shove, squeeze and stretch my body into a position where Kevin and I could comfortably(ish) share our seat and a snooze. Luckily we had a hostel in mind, dragging our bodies and packs through the streets of Malang we managed to tuck ourselves into the dorm at Kampong Tourist a beautiful 4th story high hostel overlooking, volcanoes to the east and west. For 99,000 rupiah Kevin and I had a double bed in the dorm, i have never even seen discounted doubles, it makes sense though maybe we would stay in hostels more often if they existed elsewhere. The place is brilliant with a great view, functioning wifi and hot showers to boot! We manage to get up and moving in time to catch the bird market, one of the great attractions of quiet relaxed Malang. The streets are filled with beautiful bird cages full of parrots, chickens, ducklings, parakeets and owlets all chirping wildly. The shopkeepers are very kind and even let us pet some of the gerbils, puppies and bunnies who are clearly in need of some loving. The remainder of our critter visits are cut short though as the threatening clouds begin to slosh rain across our feathery friends along the street. The men scramble to get their birds under cover while we dash to find cover for ourselves. The city of Malang is very tidy and well swept, the center rotunda and walking street have beautiful landscaping and I think it is safe to say it is the cleanest city I have seen yet in Indonesia and makes for an authentically pleasant village for a few nights recovery. 

Sunrise over Mount Bromo, from our hostel deck in Malang
Here are the bunks inside Kampong Tourist Hostel, Kampong=village in Bahasa
Sidewalk nap

Beautiful black and orange parrots

Gerbil face smash
Adorable or cruel, I'm on the fence on this one

Julie found a puppy
Traditional masks of Java
Kota means city center
We drive a hard bargain for apples, but in the end we could only come to 20,000 rupiah per kilo (<2$)

Traditional village of Malang
Pineapple delivery 

I woke up in time for sunrise and was disappointed to find cloud cover
Luckily the clouds were no match for the sun
And I was rewarded with a beautiful start to the day

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